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Tales Online is a unique, searchable, comprehensive collection of folktales, fairytales, legends, myths of indigenous people and more. It represents a wide variety of motifs, genres, and ideas from world cultures and draws from sources not readily available elsewhere. Sources include old journal articles and archival materials in addition to published volumes of tales.

Easy to use. The tales are searchable using Tale Title, Key Words including terms not necessarily contained in the tale but implied by the text (for example - those related to relationships, emotions, and psychological terms such as: abuse, rivalry, and loyalty). In addition, searches can be made by Setting (forest, castle, and farmhouse), by Events (parties, balls, festivals, weddings, and battles) and by Character Roles (villain, heroes, heroines). It also includes the Thompson Motif Index. This complete index is easy to use and contains all but the references included in the original print edition. The motifs are linked to those tale that contain that specific motif in its analysis. Try it out...

Includes an analysis by a professional or advanced student folklorist. Each story includes an identification of the "genre" and its source (field collected or adapted). For easy identification of your tale, each listing includes a short summary written by a professional storyteller.

Tales Online - Like all new ideas - must be experienced to be appreciated.

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